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About Thyme

High Marbling Genetics

We are your source for Wagyu Bulls, Fullblood Females and Percentage Wagyu Cattle. Starter Packages also available. 417-849-1227


Fullblood Wagyu Bull Registration Number FB17922

Sire: Ginjo Marblemax    Dam:JB 24 Green 

24 Green is sired by the famous Michifuku and her Dam JVP MS Fukushige T10E is a top Female sired by #1 Marbling Bull Fukutsuru 068.

Genetics makes a huge difference

The large majority of Wagyu Beef also known as "Kobe Stlye" or "American Kobe Beef" is only 50% Wagyu Genetics, All our Wagyu Beef is a minimum of 87.5% Wagyu, and we also offer 100% Fullblood Wagyu. Click Here To Order

Fullblood Wagyu Female Heifers registered with American Wagyu Assoc.

Fullblood Wagyu Heifers raised by JB Kobe Farms

FB26786 (Right) and FB26787 (Left)

Family owned and operated. Our goal is to pass our operation on for generations. We take pride in raising this fine breed and producing high quality Wagyu Beef

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