Superior Marbling

wagyu strip steak high marbling

More marbling equals higer quality beef, all our beef is a min. 87.5% Wagyu Genetics, this increases marbling and meat quality. By comparison most Wagyu Beef in America is only 50% Wagyu! It can be a quality beef but not when compared to our purebred beef. You must have high percentage or Fullblood Wagyu for a more authentic experience. Order Here


Superior Genetics

Since 2003 we have bred select Wagyu genetics into our herd. We use only top marbling Wagyu Bulls and Wagyu Cows in order to maximize meat quality and marbling. We can provide you with the highest quality Wagyu Cows, Bulls or Beef.

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fullblood wagyu steer
closeup of marbling on wagyu steak

Years of work goes into each bite

It takes about 3 years to raise each Wagyu steer, this is done right here on our family farm by us, we do not send our steers to a feedlot where questionable practices can be found such as overcrowding and a daily does of antibiotics. Our Wagyu steers are finished in open pasture without antibiotics and receive our custom all natural blend of grains daily, a happy well kept steer will produce higher quality beef. 

fullblood wagyu cow and calf