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JB Kobe Farms - Premium Wagyu Beef and Cattle  Premium Wagyu Beef and Wagyu Cattle

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 Outline of JB Farms Fullblood Wagyu BullKobe Beef Wagyu Beef Ground Beef Burger

   American Kobe Fillets $32/ea.                                          6 - 1/4 lb. Pre Made American Kobe Patties $16.50

  Picture of American Kobe Beef KC Strip Steak                           Kobe Beef Rib Eye- Highly Marbled Raised By JB Kobe Farms

           Strip Steak $32.75/ea.                                                     American Kobe Rib-Eye 14-18oz. ea.-$37.65/ea.

High Marbling Premium Wagyu Beef.

 Wagyu Beef (American Kobe Beef) is the finest beef available in the world. However not all Wagyu is created equal, so buying directly form smaller producers will ensure you receive a high end product.

All our Wagyu Beef is a minimum of 87.5% Wagyu Genetics, far superior to the 50% minimum the USDA requires in order for it to be called "Wagyu". A vast majority of Wagyu Beef in America is a 50% Wagyu 50% Angus Cross. Higher amounts of Wagyu Genetics makes a much better product.

Wagyu Beef is also high in Monounsaturated fat.

Wagyu Beef is also significantly higher in Omega 3 and  Omega 6 Fatty Acids, This has been proven by Major University Studies by Texas A and M and Washington State University.

Two products for our customers to choose from

We offer 100% Fullblood Wagyu and also American Wagyu/Kobe Beef, all our American Kobe is a minimum of 87.5% Wagyu. Both American and Fullblood high quality and have abundant Marbling, The Fullblood Wagyu offers even more Marbling and Tenderness than the American.

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If you live close to Springfield, MO area you can find our products at the following fine retailers

Mama Jeans Market at 1110 E. Republic Rd., 3530 E. Sunshine, and 1727 S. Campbell in Springfield, MO

Horrmanns Market at 1537 W. Battlefield St. and 3250 E. Battlefield Springfield, MO

Free Local Delivery Available to Springfield, MO Area Call 417-849-1227 or order online here.

Ordering or questions: 417-849-1227 or email jbfarms@kobemidwest.com
Straight Down shot of our American Wagyu Beef Strip SteakAmerican Kobe Beef Flat Iron Steak
                 KC Strip From JB Kobe Farms                                                          Flat Iron Steak from JB Kobe  Beef Farms

JB Kobe Beef Farms - American Kobe Beef Wagyu Beef -  Online Nationwide Shipping, Free Local Delivery in the Springfield, MO area*

Wagyu Cattle In the FieldFullblood Japanese Wagyu American Kobe Beef Steer
If your looking to start a Wagyu Cattle Herd, or need cattle for your Wagyu operation we have several F1, and F2 Wagyu Cattle For Sale and Fullblood Semen, Embryos Fullblood Wagyu Bulls and Fullblood Wagyu Cattle Call 417-849-1227 or email:jbfarms@kobemidwest.com


Our family works hard to bring our customers some of the finest Wagyu - American Kobe Beef and Wagyu Cattle produced in the United States. We have been breeding the finest high marbling Japanese Fullblood Wagyu bloodlines from the Kobe Japan Region into our herd for more than a over 15 years to ensure you get extremely high quality product If you want the best beef available try our Wagyu Beef you will not be disappointed.